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La Jolla Museum Flamenco Show & Cafe Bar Europa AFTER PARTY

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Next Secret Meeting of the Euro Bohemian Club

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Euro Bohemian Club
August 10, 2015 – Starts: 7:00 pm
A select group of epicureans, artists, poets and philosophers. An old idea, from the ages of ages, but just in time for our generation.Overwhelmed by electro-babble? How about a real moment of discussion? Real subjects and real people, with wine, food and conversation.The Euro-Bohemians follow the tradition of the avant garde of centuries past, and now is our time.In our Salon du Paris, we are charmed by art and the music of the romantic impressionists, Van Gogh, Matisse, Degas, Monet. Chopin, Debussy,
Join us for a glass of port, a flaming absinthe or two, and a savory tapa over each glass.
Euro Bohemian CLub

Join the Tertulia, discuss and solve the worlds pressing problems, of why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings!

Discussion group with wine!

1. Panelists all must have at least one alcoholic beverage to enter the fray.
2. Each panelist must present three discussion topics and a credit card to start a tab.
3. Winner of Debate, based on judges decisions, pays nothing.
4. Rest of panelists divide up and pay the panelist total tab.
5. Don’t lose your temper or get angry, you will pay the whole tab yourself.


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Join us for Milonga Mondays to enjoy our tapas and wine and Tango with us the first and last Monday of each month. Enjoy the music and have fun doing the Tango with your partner or meet a new partner.

Milonga Mondays


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Chef Talia is doing amazing things in the Kitchen and singing every Wednesday!

Check out her special menu from last week:

Hearty Homestyle Meatball Stew sauteed with red bell peppers, tomato, zucchini & onion.
Chorizo y Papas – Grilled Spanish chorizo sausage, tender potatoes.

Chef Talia’s Pasta Salad  – Artichokes, feta, tomatoes, grilled onion and peppers. Served with salami & olives.

Tahlias Food and Singing

Fans of acoustic music will want to hear Talia Ceravolo, who will be performing Wednesdays in May at the Turquoise at Café-Bar Europa beginning at 5 p.m. The venue has recently updated its schedule with music often available twice a day on their patio or indoors.

Ceravolo has a confident performing style with a commanding voice that reminds me a bit of Sarah McLachlan in places. An above average tunesmith, songs like her debut single, “If You Follow Me,” are full of wonderful melancholy hooks, and in this case, lush orchestration. For these sets, Ceravolo performs solo, but the songs are just as powerful, the mark of a good tune.


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Gabriela Fridays

We’re thrilled to have Gabriela kick off the weekend every Friday from 5-9pm!  Read more about this talented artist below:

Singer/songwriter Gabriela (Gaby) Aparicio who was born into a South American family & culture says that growing up in Florida, her weekend nights were spent listening to tango, Uruguayan folk music, the Beatles and old Motown hits while my parents danced folklore. “spent listening to tango, Uruguayan folk music, The Beatles, and old Motown hits”  while her parents danced.

The image her account evokes is apropos of what I have experienced listening to her perform with her rhythm section “La Buena Onda” , aka the tour de force percussionist Kimo Shim, at The Turquoise Europa Café.  The music I’ve heard them perform there is as enchanting and seductive as an Argentinian tango and as fun as any of your favorite Motown hits.  Whether she’s wrapping her lush voice around you with a soothing Sade ballad, or drawing you to the dance floor with one of her upbeat originals backed by Kimo’s infinite, underground beats, you’ll be seduced into singing along at your table or groovin’ on the dance floor with the relaxed, fun crowd she draws.