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Patrick & Kayte’s Story:

Our Romantic Experience at Turquoise: …  Last December I was fortunate to meet an amazing woman named Kayte. She lives in Pacific Beach and I hadn’t been there much before that night.  We met just before that and this would be our first “real date”.

As some of you may know the silly question comes up of course, where would you like to go out eat. Back and forth it goes, where would like to go!

Finally we head out on foot and happen upon this really cool spot named Turquoise. We’re talking amazing food, great wine, music and an atmosphere with such a great vibe. We sat outside at the fire pit which was perfect. Sharing conversation about everything and anything we notice a gentleman dancing and having the time of his life which puts a smile on Kayte and my face just thinking how cool it is to love life that much!

He came outside and approached our table asking how everything was… simply amazing we responded as he introduced himself, Basilio.

Kayte and I shared a quick conversation about how much we were enjoying ourselves.   I then asked him how he had those dance moves and what his secret was… he asked if I surfed and I responded yes.

Basilio then told me the music is like the waves and you let it do the work while you just lose yourself in the moment. Probably one of the best things I’ve ever heard.   We stayed and danced for three hours.

Thank you Basilio for such a memorable time and dining experience.  Kayte and I are going strong for 5 months now, and I will remember the time we had the most wonderful date at Turquoise with our new friend Basilio, and we’re still dancing and letting the waves do the work… much love.

Patrick Sargent, posted 4/19/17