Cafe-Bar The Turquoise EuropaThe inspiration and vision of  Cafe Bar Europa, is to recreate the feeling of the small, local bars of southern Europe.

Places where the people stop and gather, to hear the news, catch up with friends, relax and enjoy a coffee and a fine pastry or a small meal and a glass of wine.

They are found in the countries that border the Western Mediterranean Sea, that same sea which has been named since ancient times as the Turquoise Sea, a sea that meets and mingles all upon its shores with the real and mythical, joyous and jubilant, serious and serene.

Places where I saw more similarities than differences, and when seen as a whole, make up a region all its’ own. “The Lands of the Turquoise Sea”

– Basilio Ceravolo, owner and creator of Cafe Bar Europa


Comments from our friends and team members: (email to add your own!)

from Talia:

Cafe Bar Europa is a place to relax and enjoy

From Basilio:

Cafe Bar Europa is a special place where the customers feel like home, Always an extraordinary experience. The food, the music, the wine, and treated like an honored guest

From Ignacio: 
Cafe Bar Europa is a place to inspire and invent for the open minds who are done with the average and ordinary and are ready for a truly unique experience. The space is lively with dancing on the professional sprung wood dance floor accompanied with live music every night yet its intimate with our outdoor patio where the music serves as an enhancement to the atmosphere.

From Tommy:

Cafe Bar Europa is a sexy place to unwind
a place to fill your senses with good food, great music and amazing drinks

From Barbara:

Cafe Bar Europa is warm, inviting, and friendly. Come eat and drink with great family and friends.

From Nelly: 
          Cafe Bar Europa is a wonderful place to enjoy each other’s company and to relax. The wine selection           is amazing. The staff and the guests are laid back people, fun to hang around with. The music there           is unique and great to dance to. I always see smiles on people faces.