Cafe Bar Europa, The Turquoise

San Diego’s Original Euro-Tapas and Jazz Bar

 We are SLOW FOOD, a place to relax and enjoy, good company, good wine and live music seven nights a week

“We reserve the right to refuse service to grumpy people in a hurry”

  • Halloween Party


  • Free Parking, Directions and Hours


    Park in the Car Wash Parking Lot next door to the Turquoise anytime after 6pm. Be sure to move it before morning or they will tow it at 7am.


    The Turquoise opens nightly at 4pm.  Closing time is 12 midnight Sundays and Weekdays and 2 am Friday and Saturday, and our hours may change for Holidays & Special Events

    The Turquoise   is located in North Pacific Beach at 873 Turquoise
    Off interstate 5, Going North Take the Grand/Garnet exit
    Going South take Garnet/Balboa Ave exit
    Go West on Grand Ave or Garnet Ave toward the Beach to Cass St
    Go north on Cass St to Turquoise St
    Go left on Turquoise (At the ARCO station)
    Parking is OK after 6pm at Car Wash, Hammer & Nails Hardware, and Nursery.

    (No Parking at VFW anytime.)

What We Are About:

My inspiration and vision of The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa, is to recreate the feeling of the small, local bars of southern Europe. 

Places where the people stop and gather, to hear the news, catch up with friends, relax and enjoy a coffee and a fine pastry or a small meal and a glass of wine.

They are found in the countries that border the Western Mediterranean Sea, that same sea which has been named since ancient times as the Turquoise Sea, a sea that meets and mingles all upon its shores with the real and mythical, joyous and jubilant, serious and serene.

Places where I saw more similarities than differences, and when seen as a whole, make up a region all its’ own. “The Lands of the Turquoise Sea”

Basilio Ceravolo, owner and creator of Cafe Bar Europa